Want to know which platform is best for website design? Shopify or WordPress? You are in right place. In this blog, read and know which one is best.

In this age of technology, there is countless website designing platform. Shopify and WordPress are one of them. Shopify is used for eCommerce website creation. While WordPress is used for business with ease functionality and flexibility.

1. Shopify is completely designed for eCommerce website building. It has various functions like domain name, PayPal access, plugin, shopping cart, and many more. It has its template range from which you can according to your business needs. While WordPress is free website building software that works by a web server. It is a much more flexible and easier customizable feature. Here only you have to pay for hosting. It can also use for online store designing.

2. Now come to the pricing section of Shopify and WordPress. Shopify has 14 days free trial. After that you have to buy any plan from them to access further:

  • Basic Shopify price for newbie business is $29/per month.
  • Shopify Experience is $79/per month.
  • Advance Shopify price is $299/per month.

WordPress is free but you have to pay for hosting services. Hosting provides a secure and faster website.

3. If it comes to a template, each platform gives ultimate look. Shopify offers free templates to start a storefront. And these templates are easily editable. While WordPress has also free themes. ColorMag is the top website that uses a free WordPress theme.

4. Shopify has the features that allow the user to:

  • Manage inventory
  • Track data
  • Can insert price details, images.
  • Add webpages and blogs and many more.

While WordPress depends upon the plugin. It has the feature of Automated Email templates,

Discount and coupon creation, review functionality, and many more.

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